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Reyt Against t’Machine are 4 Lads from t’beautiful city o’ Sheffield, in God’s own county o’ South Yorkshire. We all reckon Rage Against The Machine are one o’ t’most important bands in history, an’ their choons are proper mint!

Any road, after knowin’ each other for a bit an’ bein’ in several original and cover projects together over t’years, it dawned on us that we each shared a mutual appreciation for a bit o’ Rage an’ spoutin’ Yorkshireness at folk. And so, bein’ t’legends that we are, Reyt Against t’Machine wa’ formed in late 2017 to deliver a bit o’ Rage an’ a bit o’ Yorkshire banter to t’masses.

We dunt use backin’ tracks, or any o’ that cheatin’ type stuff. Every note and word tha’ll hear at a Reyt gig is made wi’ either a guitar, drums or a gob…. Just like t’proper Rage. No frills, just as it should be. We dunt mess abaht tryin’ to look like Rage or owt, but we mek sure that tha gets t’most authentic soundin’ tribute to em…. Straight up!

Any road, we’re up an’ runnin’ nar, an’ we’ve performed wi’ some proper reyt good tributes anorl, includin’ Korn Again (Korn), Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park), and Moretallica (Metallica) amongst others.
Keep an eye aht for Reyt Against t’Machine as we come to a venue near thee. An’ if we aren’t comin’ to a venue near thee, get a venue near thee to get us booked!!

We’re also available for birthdays, weddin’ doos an’ any other event tha can think o’.
Gerrin touch.

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Nick Robinson